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Hi again 😀 With the help of a friend in Toowoomba and the Historical Society there I have discovered that Hugh Joss owned a couple of cottages in James Street, Toowoomba and was selling both in late 1883, apparently leaving Toowoomba in December 1883. I am guessing at this stage that he and his family went to Sydney. Annie would have been 15. William Snell Snr was a blacksmith and died in 1881. His eldest son, Frederick, took over the business. Frederick was born before they left England and William was next, born in Laidley, Queensland before they moved to Toowoomba. So at the time Hugh Joss was leaving Toowoomba, William Snell Snr had already died and Fred had taken over the blacksmiths shop. I'm thinking that William Jnr perhaps stayed in Toowoomba for a while, but then left for Sydney to join Annie there. Will keep investigating.

have only just seen your post- better late than never! My great grandparents were William Snell and Annie Maria too. My paternal grandfather was Walter (Sidney's brother), Lindsay is my Dad. Yes my understanding is they were bootmakers. I have Annie's birth and marriage certificates. Would be happy to share any information that I have with you.

Hi i am researching my family history, and i have found that the relatives of mine above, i think that one of their sons Kenneth William Baker may have married at St Andrews Presbyterian Church on 15 December 1941,unfortunately i dont have a name for the bride.
Any information on this would be greatly received,along with any other members of their family.
Many thanks

Hi Kem4264. My great grandmother was Annie Maria Joss of Toowoomba. I have her father recorded as Hugh Joss and her mother as Bridget Murray, but I have no information about them. Annie married William Snell (born 1864) in 1892 at Redfern NSW. One of their children was Sidney William Snell, my paternal grandfather, and Jeffrey William Snell was my father. I have Annie recorded as born in 1879 in Toowoomba, but the date you give sounds more likely. I believe that William, and perhaps Annie too, were bootmakers. If you have any other information about the Joss family I would be very grateful, and if I come across anything I will pass it on.

Hello, is BribiePam still researching the family history of Bertha Mathilda Patzwald. Bertha Mathilda Patzwald was my maternal great grandmother. Her daughter, my grandmother, was Minnie Konz.

I'm looking for information regarding Hugh Joss or Joss Hew. He was born in Amoy China in 1832. He had a child Anna Maria Joss born in 1868 to Bridget Murray. They are reported to have been lodginghouse keepers in James St Toowoomba in 1868.

hi ,
any idea of the families still in Toowoomba descended from those original chinese . I had a great great grandfather come as a shepherd but he went to Degilbo near Maryborough but his son came to Toowoomba probably late 1800's and I have discovered a distant relative in Toowoomba .I have tracked down numerous branches of the 8 children of John Mann ( real chinese name unknown) but appears the origins were covered up , probably because of racist issues .He married a scottish girl and seemed to have stayed in the Maryborough region except one son who came to Toowoomba . I think the Mann line ran out in Toowoomba through no sons . i discovered an elderly lady whose maiden name was Mann who isa great grand daughter . GARY PORTER

Re: S.K.Chiu by gary portergary porter, 19 Sep 2014 00:53

Hello. I have just come across this site. My grandmother was Minnie Konz, daughter of Frederick Konz and Bertha Mathilde Patzwald. She was born in 1896 in Cawdor, Highfields. She married Albert Eduord Pukallus in Brisbane in 1916 and they had 10 children, one of which was my mother.

Eureka!! Spent a couple of days wandering cemeteries in Cabarlah and Crow's Nest. I have found the grave of my Great-Grandmother Bertha Mathilda Konz in Crow's Nest Cemetery, her Husband Frederick Konz in Cabarlah Cemetery and her parents in Cabarlah Cemetery. I would still love to find out more information about the lives of the Patzwald, Konz and Gust families after they came over from Germany and settled on the Downs, mostly as farmers I think, in the mid to late 1800's.

My maternal Great-Grandmother died in childbirth in 1904, and although I have found her husband's grave in Cabarlah Cemetery,and quite a few other family members scattered around the Downs, I have had no success with her. Her name was Bertha Mathilda Konz (nee Patzwald) and a family letter mentions that she was buried in Crow's Nest Cemetery. Apparently the Toowoomba Council still has to record gravesites in this cemetery. Any hints as to where to look??

I am wondering if anyone can help shed any light on a long family history mystery.
We have been told that information re a Toowoomba resident may help fill in some genealogy gaps.
All we know for certain about this person is that he injured an eye (possibly blinded in that eye) in an accident at the Prince Henry Drive quarry in late 1941 or or early 1942.
We have been told that he may have had the surname JACH or JACK. His first name may have been Herbert or Charles. Of Polish or German heritage. He may have been married and in his mid 30s at the time.
Any information or advice would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks

Thank you, Jasmine. My apologies that it has taken so long to correct the article content. If you have any other information I'd be pleased to receive it.


Re: S.K.Chiu by mikisdadmikisdad, 28 Jul 2009 05:06

I notice that the library in the Toowoomba Hospital is called the Dr Aeneas McDonnell Library. I wonder who he was and what he did. No one seems to be able to tell me.

Dr Aeneas McDonnell by mikisdadmikisdad, 17 Dec 2008 04:12
Well done!
mikisdadmikisdad 26 Nov 2008 02:29
in discussion Discussion / General Discussion » Well done!

Thank you, John, for the enormous amount of interesting information that you've provided - I look forward to reading more articles as they appear. You are certainly to be congratulated for the work you've done. It's great to see ventures such as this , which preserve local character and events and provide material for other researchers - some not yet born. Well done.

Well done! by mikisdadmikisdad, 26 Nov 2008 02:29

S.K.Chiu - fruiterer (note the spelling is Chiu not Chui) mentioned above is my grandfather.

S.K.Chiu by JasmineEJasmineE, 28 Sep 2008 21:45
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