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As far as I am aware, this is the first attempt in Queensland to prepare a historical booklet for a tour of a Garden of Remembrance. There have been many publications concerned with cemeteries in this State but I believe there is much history to be obtained from the plaques in this Garden. Many of the people buried or cremated here are still remembered by members of the local community today.

A feature of the plaques is the extensive use of picture style designs to represent the person’s job, nationality, church affiliation, club membership, sporting interest, method or time of death etc. The Chinese custom of placing fruit on the grave is still used on some graves. Mormons are buried east-west whilst Baha’is are buried facing their holy site of Acre.

Happy beads are often seen on the plaques as are many flowers placed on the graves in a variety of designs. After visiting hundreds of cemeteries I have never seen before the placing of sprigs of rosemary on the grave by various family members.

Many people have assisted with the production of this booklet but I must acknowledge first the assistance and companionship of Mrs Nola Robinson who not only checked my faulty proofs but accompanied me on many visits to the Garden of Remembrance. The visits were necessary to ascertain plaques/people of interest and were carried out often with the wild and cold winds which seem to ‘blow up’ whenever the car doors open at the site! Other assistance was given by:
- staff at the Garden of Remembrance
- members of the former HHH Walking Group
- Mrs Marie Green and members of the Toowoomba & Darling Downs Family History Group
- Mr Bob Bell who took most of the beautiful clear photos in this booklet

John Clements
September 2008


Work started on 16 acres of land at the southern end of Ruthven Street in early 1966 and first burials took place on the land in the middle of that year.

The Crematorium Chapel was dedicated by Rev. Canon R. E. Wicks on 31 Aug. 1969. Committee of SQC- J. H. Cossart, Chairman, H. E. Colbert- Sec., F. H. Wuth MBE, Rev.Canon Wicks, D. J. Bishopp The Administrative building was opened by Mayor Nell Robinson on 9 February 1975

Columbarium Walls.


Erecting new columbarium walls November 2006

Known as a larrikin and a legend. Sgt McLachlan was buried at the Garden of Remembrance. He was farewelled by the Rats of Tobruk and members of the 2/15 Battalion. As they passed his burial place, little yellow roses were dropped in it as a mark of respect. The yellow roses meant ‘peace’

Sgt McLachlan won the DCM for single-handedly eliminating 15 of the enemy who had occupied 2 machine gun posts and 3 dugouts before returning to the front lines. His efforts at El Alamein were made famous by a painting by Ivor Hele. He died aged 79 in November 1996.

BROWN Lesley Diane
Murdered by her partner, Trevor Maker. He is also buried at the Garden of Remembrance.


Wife Jean. Born C.1896 being the third of 7 children. Builder who lived in Middle Ridge who later became a life member of the Master Builders Association. He was known to give employment preferences to men who lived in the Middle Ridge area. He also started a citrus orchard near Gatton. When work was not available in the building trade he kept his men employed by making orange boxes at the orchard. Also in other slack times he arranged employment in other parts of the State for his men. George died in September 1976.


WALTERS Kim Alison
Died of breast cancer on 6 February 1998 aged 30. Wife of champion rugby league player Kevin Walters. A fund was set up after her death to assist children with cancer.

Mr Marney was a journalist who was born in London on 20 April 1923. His parents were Irish Catholic. During the 2nd World War he was a member of the Home Guard before joining the London Irish Rifles. In 1950 he came to Australia. Within weeks he had joined the ABC in Brisbane and later became chief of staff until 1969. He then turned to newspapers working in Toowoomba for the Downs Star. He was renowned for his fearless reporting about public figures and championed social justice causes. He died after a long battle with cancer on 7 September 2005. He was survived by his wife Betty, 3 children and 5 grandchildren.


As well as being a funeral director, Mr Burstow was also well known for his singing.




BOU-SAMRA Nasif Michael
Nasif was a fruiterer who lived wih his family at 304 James Street, Toowoomba. He sold his fruit door to door in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Everything he sold cost ‘2 bob’ per bag. His daughter, Barbara Dominique, is a hairdresser.


ANDERSON M. J. R. ‘Curly’
‘Curly’ Anderson was State Member for Toowoomba East from 1957 to 1966 as well as being Toowoomba’s Mayor between 1952 and 1958. He was involved in many organisations including the South Toowoomba Progress Association, St Vincents Hospital Advisory Committee, Toowoomba State High School Advisory Committee and Toowoomba South Rotary Club. He was also awarded an O.B.E. for services to handicapped children and in 1971 was named Queensland Father of the Year. He was born in Toowoomba and became managing director of Western Transport. As a sportsman he was at one time the only Queenslander to have won the Australian T.T. race at Bathurst. He was also interested in bowls.


WICKS Ralph (Bishop)
Bishop Wicks was born in Toowoomba in 1921 and was educated at Toowoomba East State School and Toowoomba State High School. He later became Anglican Bishop of the Brisbane Diocese. Even when officially retired he still carried out church ministry in his Sunshine Coast home parish. As well as his official duties, Bishop Wicks found time to write 2 books: ‘One Rung From The Top’, which was launched in Toowoomba in April 1993 and ‘Gather Up the Fragments’, in 1994. (Select area). Wife was Gladys Wicks buried next door 1924-1981.

PRICE (Sir) Leslie Victor O.B.E.
Born in 1920. His father was a builder before buying land which his son inherited. After being in the RAAF in WW2 he leased a property in the Bell area. He became President of the Queensland Grain Growers Association for 11 years before becoming Chairman of the Australian Wheat Board in 1977 and continued in that role until 1986. The wheat industry became dominant for all his time. He had a strong personality and was said to be able to dominate leaders. He believed that farmers were being ripped off and were not getting adequate returns for their efforts.

HOGG William Ballantyne
William Hogg was an Anzac. He referred to the mateship amongst the men: “…it became a sort of religion,” he said. ‘The shocking conditions killed many men. Lack of water, extreme heat, flies, fleas and poor sanitation cause much dysentery. However, none would leave the trenches. If they could carry a rifle they did. Each man had daily water carrying duty where they risked their lives to go to the beach for water. Mr Hogg was wounded in one such action when he went to get water and at the same time was desperate for a bath in the sea. Mr Hogg served for many years as a Cambooya Shire Councillor and was made a life member of the RSL. He was also a Legatee in Toowoomba for a long time.

George Levonis owned Georges Cafe in the city and was probably the first restauranteur in Toowoomba. He must have been a knight in shining armour to his family!

+++INSCRIBED GRANITE ROCK SECTION (just south of the Select area)
Burials include:

Died 23rd August 1927. This must have been a reburial as the Garden of Remembrance was not opened until many years later

ALTHAUS Paul Heinrich
Mr Althaus was a teacher at South Boys School for many years and was also an elder at St Andrews Presbyterian Church, West Toowoomba.


BAKER Victor Stanley
The first burial in the Garden of Remembrance on 19 May 1966. He was an insurance inspector for Edward Bromley and, tragically, was killed in a road accident. He was very active in the community and was a member of the Apex Club. Apparently the Garden of Remembrance had not been opened but his brother prevailed upon the authorities to allow him to be buried there.

BATES Dawson
An elder at the former St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. He was also Secretary of the church All Age Sunday School.


Together with his brother Peter, George founded the fruit and vegetable store of Betros Bros on June 12 1938. Note the Lebanese writing on the memorial.


Former Matron of the Toowoomba General Hospital. Leila Coleman completed her nurse training in Brisbane in 1949. She gained extensive nursing experience in country hospitals including Toowoomba General and Mothers Hospital as well as Infant Welfare Centres. She was appointed Toowoomba General Hospital Nursing Superintendent in 1972. She died at age 69.

COLLINS Neville Keith
The first timberman to export cypress pine to the United States. (See ‘Cypress King’ on the plaque.) His family still own a hardware store in Toowoomba. He also owned saw mills. He died on 17 March 2002.

COSSART John Henry 1902- 1969 & Catherine May 1902- 1976.
Session Clerk at St Stephens Presbyterian church, John Henry Cossart was a saddler by trade who joined his father in his Russell Street business. He was also associated with the Boy Scouts, Temperance Movement, East State School, Toowoomba Bowling Club, Fairholme College, etc. Catherine May’s maiden name was ‘Bruce’. The Bruces were a well known Toowoomba family.


HAMILL John Dardanelles
Born 10 May 1915 he was undoubtly named after the Gallipoli campaign which took place at that time.


It was unusual for a gold miner to be buried in Toowoomba where no gold was found.


MARKS Charles Beresford & Edith May
Charles Marks came from a long line of Toowoomba architects.

ORFORD George (O.A.M.)
Died on 1 September 2000, aged 92 years. He lived at 287 Herries Street.


ROWE Josiah
Storekeeper and chairman of the Gowrie Shire Council as well as a councillor on the short-lived Newtown Shire Council. He lived at ‘Tremellyn’ in Herries St., near the corner of West Street.

STEWART David Hunter
B orn in Perth, Scotland in 1891. Toowoomba City Councillor & Deputy Mayor. Elder at St Stephens, member of Rotary Club, Boy Souts, Fairholme College Council member, Colonel in local VDC in WW 2 , Vice Chieftain in the Caledonian Society, executive director of Canberra Hotel/Motel and Russell Street fruit shop owner. Two well known sons included Duncan, former Session Clerk at St Davids Presbyterian Church and George, a minister in the Church. He gave 10 acres of land on the escarpment to the Toowoomba City Council. His generosity was never acknowledged.

THIESS Heinrich
Died 20 December 1978


VOLKER Erich Charles
9 May 1919 to 15 December 2004
Earthly remains resting on Mt Rascal

WHARTON Patricia (Nursing Sister)
Born 19 March 1944 in Cheshire England. Killed by accident in Victoria, 28 Feb 1970

WHARTON Vincent Brewster ( B.E.M.)
Died 4 October 1970 aged 57. On his plaque is inscribed: ‘CARIAD YDVW DUW’.


WUTH Frederick Herbert (M.B.E.)
Died 13 August 1971
Mr Wuth was Toowoomba’s Deputy Mayor for 12 years. He was held in high regard in local government circles throughout Australia. Two Mayors, Messrs Jack McCafferty and ‘Curly’ Anderson, spoke of him as a wonderful friend and colleague.


A Health Department employee who was killed in a plane crash at Toowoomba airport on November 27th 2001. Four people were killed, including 3 Mental Health professionals and the pilot. The Coroner’s Report attributed no blame to anyone.

GRIFFITHS Herbert (Bunty)
Died on 20 November 2002. He joined the Toowoomba Foundry in 1936 and worked in a variety of Departments for a few years. In 1941 he was appointed a director and 3 years later was appointed Chief Inspector of the Company’s products. He later became Chief Executive Officer of Southern Cross for over 20 years. (From the book ‘They Meant Business’.)


This section appears to be mainly for those of Roman Catholic faith. There are many priests and nuns buried here as well as a number of people of Lebanese descent.

BERGHOFER Evon Margaret Ruth
Former wife of millionaire developer Clive Berghofer. Evon was very active in a variety of charities. She was born on 23 October 1939 and died 15 January 2006.


CONCANNON Edward Anthony (Rt Rev.)


HARTWIG Lindsay M.L.A.
Former State member for Callide in the Biloela area. After living in the central coaflfields area for many years he bought a property at Allora.


SYMONS Margaret Jean
Mrs Symonds died in Sydney on 13 June 1948. A plaque in her memory was attached to a shelter in the Cossart section. It is believed to cover one of the sites of the original Garden water supply.

BURKE Patrick Richard
Inscription says ‘Mayor of Cawdor’- 1930- 1983. He was buried on 20 July 1983. A fourth generation resident of the Gowrie Junction area. His Irish great grandfather had come to Gowrie Junction where he first owned a hotel and later was given 640 acres of land. After he died the property was split up amongst his family. Patrick was always helping people hence the title ‘Mayor of Cawdor’. His nickname was ‘Spark Plug’, because he loved to fiddle around with cars. He was a farmer.


29/9/1889 to 27/9/1973 &
August 17/9/1893 to 22/11/1973
Jacob had a great interest in local history and wrote numerous articles for the Toowoomba Chronicle.


FOSSA Luigi 1895- 1975 and
Fossa Carolina 1919-2002.
This couple originally came from Northern Italy. They came to Toowoomba in the 1950’s and bought Fossa’s store on the corner of Hume and Campbell Streets. His son had the property for sale at $390,000 in 2007 . An antique shop is proposed for the building.


2/8/1923 to 1/4/1999
Steam engine on plaque. The family were very early settlers in the Middle Ridge area.

LAMB Charles William
1927- 1981
The story is that Mrs Lamb was so used to packing his daily lunchbox that she placed an image of the box on his plaque.


SCHULZ Tom & Hazel
In the top left hand section of the memorial is a watch with the time shown. Did time run out?.


LOWE Darryl Wayne
National Karting Champion 1973 aged 16 years
OGILVIE Wayne Douglas
aged 18 yrs tragically killed 17/1/1974. The accident in which 3 young people were killed shocked the city. The car hit a tree, nearly ringbarking it, on the evening of 17 January. The third person killed was Trevor Baartz. Such was the force of the impact that a branch about 9 feet up the tree was broken off.

McCORMACK James (O.B.E.)
Died 28 June1983 aged 75. He was a long serving chairman of the Warroo Shire Council and founding member of the Queensland National party. Mr & Mrs McCormack lived at ‘Merino Downs’, Surat, before moving to Greenwattle Street,Toowoomba about 3 years before he died. He was awarded an OBE for his community work in 1969. His wife Alma also received an OBE in 1971 for her community work.


Mr Mathieson was born in Brisbane on 1 September 1908. The family moved to the country when Fred was 11. In 1945 they moved to Goombungee and Mr Mathieson moved into real estate. He was inspired in this work by his good friend Ray White. He became involved in community affairs including the Show Society, Hall committee, Lodge, Church and the Real Estate Institute of Queensland. He was said to be a quiet helper in the commnity, providing finacial and other assistance to many people. He was also a fine storyteller and poet which began when he was droving. He died on 31 October 1999


POBAR Frank 1910 – 2000
A member of the family who were the first butchers in Toowoomba. They had a butcher’s shop in Gowrie Street then later other shops in Toowoomba. Frank had a wide knowledge of Toowoomba including Charles Street where he spent his childhood. He recalled his early days at the butchery where he used to deliver meat on horseback.

Died 14 December 2002
A noted Toowoomba bus proprietor who lived until he was 101 years old. He was a pioneer of Toowoomba’s bus services which he operated for over 50 years, from 1926. During his youth he raced an Indian motorbike around the Clifford Park racecourse. His father was also a well known Toowoomba identity being the owner of a boot factory in Little Street.

A champion rugby league player and a member of the famous 1924 ‘Galloping Clydesdales’ team.


Herb Steinohrt played over 130 times for the famous Toowoomba Clydesdales in the 1920s and 30s. From 1924 to 1933 he had ten seasons of unbroken Queensland selection and that only ended when he stood himself down. His glorious career was crowned with Test match status on nine occasions.

Born in Murbegno, Italy on 7 November1940 and established an aircraft museum at Wilsonton airport. He was killed in an aircraft accident at Tindall Airport in the Northern Territory on 6 March 1997.




LAWTON James George Bradley
Mr Lawton died in 1980 aged 92. He was a despatch rider with the 2nd Light Horse. He joined up on the night that war was declared and served at Gallipoli. He was one of a small band of riders carrying messages to and from the wireless stations. For about 100 yards, going and coming, men and horses had to brave the bullets and shrapnel of the enemy. They didn’t loiter. He was wounded in the chest in the Jordan Valley and was repatriated a short time before the war ended. St Ursula’s convent made a tape of his life. A daughter was Mrs Marjorie Lloyd of 245 James St, Toowoomba. Bart Marney wrote stories about him and other Anzacs in the Toowoomba Chronicle.


BISHOPP Douglas John
Died 12 October 2006. Founder of the Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance. A member of the Royal Qld Yacht Squadron at Manly.




CLEWETT Murray Allan
Died 27 April 2000.
Mr Clewett was an engineer who was employed by the Toowoomba City Council. He was the designer of the Murray Clewett Wetlands. In private life he was an elder at St Andrews Presbyterian Church.

Member of a well known Middle Ridge family who were of German descent. Had a great interest in local history of the Gormans Gap area.

Born in England in 1905. Like his more famous brother Don, Bill was a talented artist. Whilst attending Toowoomba East State School, Bill enjoyed the games far more than the study!

FIECHTNER Rodney Joseph
Died in a massive explosion while attempting to prevent a massive gas leak at a drilling rig near Surat. His actions that April 2003 morning saved the lives of three of his colleagues working nearby. In May 2006 his father accepted a medal for courage on Rodney’s behalf. The medal was awarded by the Queensland Govenor Quentin Bryce at Government House.

Buried with fishing lines, six pack, helmet, cigarettes and boots. According to Rodney’s sister, the man buried near him, John Robert Murphy, was also known to Rodney and was killed in an oil rig accident.


FULCHER Elizabeth Margaret
Died 23 July 1997
I thought this might be a flying saucer but instead the imprint was a lady’s hat!


JONES Herbert
Lived until he was 105 years old and died on 10 October 1991. He was booked into the Brodribb Home when 100 years old! He was a farmer who later became a foreman at the Toowoomba Gas Company.

KING Gladys (Lieut.)
Born in Sydney in 1910. In 1925 she moved to a soldier settlement area on the Burnett River. Ms King was very Interested in show jumping and won many show prizes. After fracturing her spine she began nurse training at Nambour Hospital. She enlisted in the Army Nursing Service in 1942. She dealt with casualties from the Brisbane Riot in late 1942. In1944 she fell, injuring her spine again. She was discharged from the Army in 1946 and opened a bookshop in Paddington, Sydney. She went back to nursing at Jandowae and later Toowoomba General Hospital. Ms King retired to Yukana Village and later Mylo home.


MAKER Trevor
Convicted killer of Diane Brown who is also buried at the Garden of Remembrance.

Mr Swenson was one of Toowoomba’s foremost gardeners and authorities on horticulture. He won the open champion garden in the Garden Competition for a period from 1968-72. He was a noted writer, broadcaster and lecturer. By profession he was a qualified accountant.


Named after Monsignor William McCormack who was born in Toowoomba on 5 June 1908. He attended Holy Name State School and later St Mary’s Christian Brothers College. Monsignor McCormack studied for the priesthood and was ordained a priest in St Patrick’s Cathedral,Toowoomba on 3 December 1935. He was skilled in administration and finance, being Administrator of St Patrick’s Cathedral from 1958 to 1969. His spare time interests included raising sheepdogs and breeding Sussex fowls. He retired from St Theresa’s church and died on 23 November 1989.
(Above information from Gabrielle Saide, Diocesan Archivist, Toowoomba)

Baha’i Faith Section in the McCormack Lawn Area


Photo above shows a recent (May 2007) burial of a member of the Baha’i faith. They are buried with their feet towards their holy place of Accre.

Died 28 October 2000 aged 63. He owned an opal mine west of Cunnamulla. It was suspected that he was murdered at his mine but nothing further is known. An image of a clock can be seen on his plaque. Could this be his time of death?


HOGAN John Bernard ‘Jack’ D
Died 1 January 2002 aged 87 Rumour has it that this great cricket lover was buried with a transistor tuned in to the cricket!.

HURST Brendan
Civilian worker and former policeman who was killed in a bomb blast in Iraq on 15 July 2007 aged 38.

STANLEY Michael Glen
Died on 20 October 2007 aged 45 years.

RYAN Michael James
Died 28 August 2007


WILKES David James
Was he killed in a racing accident and is an annual race day held in his memory?



Well known antique dealer, historian and proud Scotsman.

Killed in a helicopter accident near Townsville on 12 May 2002.



First plaque in new site

First tombstone in new site



BEALE John George Morris (Dr) MB, ChM FF2, FRCA Major RAAMC AIF WW1 & AMF WW2.
Physician in this city for 40 years. He has ‘Done the State Some Service’

FINLAYSON (Teresa Laurann) ‘Tessa’.
Died on 1 June 2002 aged 51. Dr ‘Tessa’ was born in London on 7 April 1951. The family moved to Australia when she was only one year old. She graduated from Sydney University as a doctor and in the meantime married Michael Pluschke in 1972. The marriage later broke down and, after a period in Glen Innes, she worked in Broken Hill for 14 years including 12 months with the Royal Flying Doctor Service. During this time she married again, to a Scot, Ian Finlayson. Whilst in Broken Hill she developed breast cancer. For the children’s sake, the couple decided to move to Toowoomba as it offered good educational possiblities. Dr Tessa worked in private practice as well as joining St Andrews Hospital Diagnostic Breast Clinic when it opened in July 2000. Her cancer returned to eventually claim her life.


CAMPBELL Morrisin Charles
Died 9 August1973 aged 58.
Mr Campbell was an elder at St David’s Presbyterian Church at the time when the Geoffrey Street building was moved to its present site in Mary Street. He took particular interest in the design and manufacture of the stained glass windows, pulpit, elders chairs, communion table and pews. He restored red cedar furniture in his spare time. He was involved in raising funds for the new church building encouraging people to buy bricks for 6 pence each. He was raised at 115 North Street which was the site of the family residence and factory of Campbell Brothers Ltd, soap and chemical manufacturers. Mr Campbell was the great grandson of the Scottish immigrant founder of the company. His wife was Dorothy Christine Campbell and the couple had one daughter, Desley Joan.


DICKSON Kathleen
Born in 1910 in northern New South Wales, Miss Dickson attended Fairholme College and later a Brisbane Teacher’s College before teaching in many parts of the State including being Principal of Toowoomba South Girls School. She joined the Army in World War 2 and resumed her teaching career after the War. Miss Dickson was awarded the British Empire Medal for work in guiding and education. She also founded the Kath Dickson Family Centre.

Famous for her strong objections to the provision of frozen food at the Toowoomba Base Hospital. She also opposed the construction of the College of TAFE at the old Toowoomba Showgrounds.

WOTTON Joan O.A.M. (Miss)
Died 18 September 2005 (new walls)
A Warrant Officer in the RAAF , late of Toowoomba and formerly of Texas.

Died 3/5/2006
Mr Muller was Australian champion cornetist on six occasions as well as State champion on 12 occasions. His father was part of Toowoomba’s first brass band in 1876. Mr Muller played in many bands including a period in the Army during World War 2. He later formed his own band ‘Hec Muller’s Sound of Brass’. During his time with the Wirth Circus Band, the group had the distinction (?) of being robbed at Stanthorpe by the famous bushranger Captain Thunderbolt.


ALFORD Rodney Dudley Chisolm
2/26 Inf. Battalion
Died 23 October 2006- ‘great storyteller’ etc. He ‘died with his boots on’.

ROBERTS Stanley Stuart O.A.M.
Died 2 November 1987 aged 80. Awarded medal on 26 January1984 for service to community . Mr Roberts was born in Toowoomba on 15 July 1907. He was a foundation pupil of Glennie Preparatory School in St Lukes Hall. He had a variety of jobs before building the Red Lion Service Station in West Street in 1931. In 1942, as an officer in 2/26 Battalion, he was taken prisoner in Singapore. He was forced to work on the infamous Burma railway and was in Changi when the war ended. After the war he became part of the real estate firm of Newnham & Roberts which later became Copas & Newnham. Mr Roberts was City Councillor from 1970- 3 as well as serving on numerous boards and agencies.

Scottish and matriarch. Miss Nelson lived at the famous ‘Gabbinbar’ home of Rev. Dr William Lambie Nelson, first Presbyterian Minister in Toowoomba.

RUSSELL Hilary Maude OBE
Died on 11 June 2001 aged 79 years. Wife of Charles Russell of ‘Jimbour House’ Awarded the OBE on 16 June 1979.

BROWN E.S.L. ‘Nigger’
Toowoomba's first international rugby league player was a man named E.S. Brown. "Nigger" was his nickname and when a stand was built to honour him it was named The E.S. "Nigger" Brown Stand.


Since 2003 a campaign has been waged, led by aboriginal activist Stephen Hagan, to have the name ‘Nigger’ removed from the grandstand.

‘Nigger’ Brown died on 30 September 1972 and was privately cremated.



Birds swoop on many sites seeking water from flower vases. They do not hesitate to throw out the flowers!


HAPPY BEADS - Placed on the grave as a remembrance. Some people also use pine cones around the graves. ( Why?)


The staff member who currently carries out cremations recalled recently that he had cremated such people as Colonel Sanders, Glen Campbell, Ronald McDonald and Elizabeth Taylor. These were not of course the famous people themselves, but others who have used these names for their children!.

Certain groups such as Mormons and the Sudanese prefer to fill in the graves themselves after a funeral.

Because of its location amongst senior citizens homes, some older people use the roads to walk their dogs. Others will sit in their cars and enjoy the peace and quiet . A visit to the Garden of Remembrance can be a daily event in many people’s lives.

This man visits his wife’s burial site every day leaving flowers and even cutting the grass around the grave!

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