Houses with History

A current look at some historic Toowoomba addresses

The Wagner Estate


18 Loudon Street
This property was at one time owned by Mrs Langsdorf whose daughter was a nun.


17 Winifred Street
Alma Nugent lived here with her 9 children c.1954. This home was built before the Wagner paddock was sold and it boredered the boundary line.


23 & 25 Winifred Street
These homes were built on land owned by Mr & Mrs Turner. The home on the right was owned by Lorna Brunner whist that on the left was owned by Mr & Mrs Allan Lynch. Mrs Lynch's mother, Mrs Murphy, lived opposite Lorna Brunner.


Cnr Ruthven and Morton Strees
This home was built by Michael and Maisie Nugent. Michael was the son of Alma Nugent of 17 Winifred Street and Maisie was the daughter of Phhil Nass of Ruthven Street.


25 Loudon Street
This home was owned by Thomas and Lily Sendal. The pair grew flowers here, commercially. Their land extended from Loudon to Winifred Streets. Mr Sendal was a crane driver. Units have now also been built on this land.


… A further view of the Sendal's house and units.


21 Loudon Street
This home was owned by Mr & Mrs Nauman. The family had 8 children. The house was later sold to Mr Brown. The small building outside, which housed the toilet and laundry, still exists.


19 Loudon Street
This home was owned by Mr & Mrs Hamlyn. They grew vegetables on the land that went through to Winifred Street. Mr Hamlyn was disabled during the war and delivered vegetables to friends on a trike. This is now a crisis home.


17 Loudon Street
This home was the home of Robert & Mary Mogg and is now owned by their grandosn. Mr Mogg worked at the bacon factory and Mrs mogg was a cleaner with the Tourist Bureau. In 1944,l when the Moggs bouight the property, there wasn't any power, sewage, or water.


18 Winifred Street
This home stands on land orginally owned by Mr & Mrs Robert Mogg. The land was sold after 1985 for a removal home to be sited there.


20 Winifred Street
This home stands on land once owned by Mr & Mrs Hamlyn of Loudon Street. The house was built by Mr Heit for the English couple, Mr & Mrs Herbert Sykes, who later sold to Mr & Mrs John Brunner.


749 Ruthven Street
The home of the Wagner family. The house paddock backs onto Loudon Street. Harry Wagner owned land extending to what is now the City Golf Club. Corrie Wagner ( a daughter, now deceased) was a nursing sister at the Base Hospital. Cecily, another daughter and Cliff Henley also lived here.


… Other views of the Wagner home.


Cnr Ruthven & South Street
This home had a champion Carnival garden.


Cnr South & Loudon Street
This home has changed hands many times. Following a fire a few years ago, the home had been very well renovated.


Cnr Ruthven & South Street
This is another original home on a large block of land. The Volp family lived here.


… On South Street
This home was owned by a German family. It has recently been extended.


Cnr South & Loudon Street
The Rundmann family owned this home for many years.


Cnr Wagner & Loudon Street
This land on which this home stands was on the border of the orginal Wagner home paddock. This house was built more recently.


Cul-de-sac off Wagner Street, between Loudon & Winifred Streets.
A house and units have now been built here.


14 Winifred Street
This is the ome of Mr & Mrs Bradford. It was part of the Wagner Estate Subdivision. Mr Bradford is now deceased but Mrs Bradford still lives here.


16 Winifred Street
This land was owned by Mr & Mrs Robert Mogg. It was sold by their daughter in around 1985 and this removal home establilshed on it.

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