Old Tin Liz

Old Tin Liz

We have scrubbed, and scoured and polished, till she's looking just like new,
And her good old engines singing, and our hearts are singing too,
While the magpies pipe a chorus, and the air's like a sparkling fizz.
And we're going to the races in the Old Tin Liz.

T'was the first car in the district, how we swelled our chests with pride,
As we asked our poorer neighbours to step up and take a ride,
Now they pass us by, disdainful, in the newest make there is,
Wondering why we cling so faithfully to Old Tin Liz.

When we'd got her, new and shining, Oh the picnics that we had,
Mother shedding all her troubles, Father larking like a lad,
While we youngsters sang in chorus, as our bubbling spirits riz,
Sitting decked with ferns and wattles in the Old Tin Liz.

But when Janey got a snake bite, ah! the terror of that day,
Nothing in the house to cure her, and the doctor miles away,
'Twas then Lizzie showed her mettle. Oh she had a heart of gold
Roaring up those flinty ridges liked a blessed two-year-old.

And the doctor cured our Janey, but the good old car helped too.
She has shared our joys and sorrows, and she's always pulled us through
Carting water in the drought time, pulling cattle from the bogs
Snorting gaily through the paddocks, over stones and stumps and logs.

Then the precious hours on sunday-coming home from early Mass,
While the air's all hushed and holy, and the dew's still on the grass,
Sitting reverent and silent, what a blessed time it is
We are near to Heaven then, in the Old Tin Liz.

Alice Guerin Crist

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